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Building Your Team

Successful results come with successful people. Whether you are setting up a marketing office or creating your technical team, you will be sourcing talents from the local communities.

Recruiting for top management positions requires a unique comprehension of your industry’s landscape. On the other hand, it is not possible to choose the right person without accessing a network of qualified professionals and a sufficiently big pool of candidates.

For the lower-level employees, however, you will need to advertise your position and tap into the professional circuits to find suitable people that match your specific requirements and, at the same time, match your company’s culture.

Furthermore, the lack of knowledge on the labor law mandates and the social security act, which impose limitations on employer-employee relationships, contract forms, and compensation packages, will create unnecessary complications and result in costly consequences for your new enterprise.

IranPartner’s Recruitment Service

Our recruitment advisory service is a comprehensive package that covers both the hiring process, as well as the compensation and contractual relationship. By choosing this package, you will:

  • Benefit from IranPartner’s expertise and vast professional network of candidates to hire and provide key staff for the primary mobilization phase of your company in Iran. IranPartner takes advantage of its industry contacts, association memberships, and trade groups, as well as specialized talent hunting services in the country, to find qualified experts in the industry that meet your particular requirements.
  • Receive IranPartner’s assistance with crafting a compensation package that matches the expectations of your new employees and fully complies with the labor regulations and laws.
  • Significantly save the time and money spent on advertising your position, interviewing the candidates, conducting background checks, and concluding contracts.

Like any other IranPartner services, we provide this solution based on your requirements. Let us know your expectations by clicking on the button below and we will be at your disposal.

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