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IranPartner organizes a variety of Business Events as a very effective method of Business Development. We strategically plan, creatively design, and skillfully execute these events to help you find potential clients and expand your business in the country. Our focus is to understand your company’s objectives and plot the activities within the context of your marketing strategy.

Every aspect of an event is a crucial component contributing to the overall success, and we make sure that everything is in line with your visions. We will shape the theme, program, decor, entertainment, and all other details of aesthetics and atmosphere accordingly.

We Deliver the Whole Package

IranPartner has welcomed a significant number of visiting trade delegations to Iran and helped them come in contact with the right clients through its unique local connections. Our events include:

  • Seminars: We invite keynote speakers to present a briefing on investment and trade opportunities in Iran, the general economic environment of the country, local market entry strategies, business culture, and etiquette.
  • Workshops: For every group of industries participating in the event, there will be a local expert, presenting technical and market-specific information. The focus will be on market size, market share, and annual import and export volumes, as well as customs regulations and tariffs in every sector.
  • B2B Meetings and match-making services: Networking events provide an invaluable way of turning prospects into clients. Our job is to connect you with real buyers and arrange up to 20 quality appointments. You can choose the interlocutors you would like to have in the event, and we will tailor our selection according to your guidelines. Since your requirements are met, each meeting will have significant business potential. If you wish to showcase your products, we will also provide you with a stand and necessary promotional materials.

Our event management services are listed below:

  • Developing an event marketing plan
  • Developing a compelling agenda for your target audience
  • Marketing event to existing clients and prospects
  • Invitations design and dispatch
  • RSVP management
  • Assistance with visa services
  • Hotel reservations
  • Logistics & operations management
  • Providing interpreters and support staff
  • Venue decoration, lighting, AV
  • Menu design, catering, and banqueting
  • Design and printing of business cards, brochures, and advertising material
  • Plan and organize ‘post business’ and social programs
  • Factory and on-site visits
  • Post-event follow up
  • Post-event report

IranPartner also has its exclusive venue, the Negar conference center, which will grant top-notch hospitality services for your first class Business Event.

Need turn-key solutions for your upcoming Business Delegation in Iran? Please submit your request and leave the rest to us!

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Busan Business Meeting

Tehran, December 2015
IranPartner Events - Busan Business Meeting

China Trade Week

Tehran, September 2016
IranPartner - China Trade Week

Chungbuk Agro-Food Business Meeting

Tehran, December 2016
IranPartner Events - Agro Food

Hwaseong Business Delegation

Tehran, November 2016
IranPartner Events - Hwaseong

Busan Small and Medium Enterprises Export Consurtium

Tehran, February 2017
IranPartner Events - Busan

Iran After Sanctions Workshop

Dubai, November 2015
IranPartner Events - After Sanction

K-Seafood Business Matchmaking

Tehran, December 2016
IranPartner Events - Korean Seafood

IRAN’s Pharmaceutical Market

Sao Paulo, November 2016
IranPartner Events - Pharmaceutical Market