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Getting Deep Insights

Accurate market insight is an essential tool for designing a successful foreign market entry strategy. And for the same reason, we aim at serving multinational enterprises with quality data needed to make informed decisions.

At IranPartner, we understand the concerns of foreign companies about entering the Iranian market. As is the case with most developing countries, the lack of reliable data is a big issue. The small number of businesses that are engaged in Iran, on the other hand, make the country a somewhat nontransparent market for business owners and executives in those companies that are seeing opportunity in the biggest untapped market in the MENA region.

IranPartner’s Solution to Shortcut 

Doing proper due diligence and evaluating the risks and rewards before entering Iran is time-consuming and costly for businesses outside of the country. Hence, we step up and offer to do the hard work for them. IranPartner’s team of researchers continuously monitor the market and gather data on different areas to keep our databases up to date.

At IranPartner, we use official and commercial reports from Governmental Organizations such as CBI, TPO, SCI, ICCIMA, IRICA, along with global agencies such as WB, IMF, WTO, and reports generated by private sector firms in Iran. Furthermore, we employ primary data gathered through our vast professional network in the country through interviews, inquiries, and field studies.

We ensure to provide reports that are based on and convey accurate and reliable data to our clients because we believe quality is what builds lasting success.

What Do We Offer

Our Market Research service is intended to provide foreign companies with data, analytics, and information required for gaining a more in-depth insight into their field of business in Iran. We conduct customized Market Research for our clients, covering the following headlines:

  • Executive Summary;
  • General Trends and Developments including economic trends and demographics of Iran;
  • Product / Service Analysis including product features and characteristics;
  • Market Demand for the product/service including current market segments, customer preferences, market size, and outlook;
  • Market Players including domestic manufacturers profile, importers profile, distribution channel analysis, brand analysis, price analysis, after-sale services provided, and prevailing marketing strategies;
  • Financing options in Iran including bank loan terms and requirements and financial market options;
  • Monitoring and Regulations including required standards, government policies, import regulations, monitoring agencies and tax conditions;
  • Money Transfer Considerations regarding ways of getting money in and out of the country.

The above headlines are general, and our reports are tailored to the specific needs of our clients, resulting in altered or new coverage areas in the report.

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