Iran Customs Rules

To import or export goods and commodities, one should know the tariff code of that particular good. The Tariff Code is also named HS code, which stands for Harmonized System, an internationally predefined code system for importing/exporting goods and commodities. Here we presented the latest tariff list released by Iran Customs Administration (IRICA).

To find the most relevant HS code for your product, you should first determine which category or chapter your product belongs to. For instance, if you want to export textile fabrics to Iran, you should choose section 11. But within this section, you will find many chapters. Do not confuse these chapters. They have been created only to categorize the products since there are many kinds of textiles and fabrics. You should simply read the titles of the chapters presented in the first page of the section and figure out in which chapter your product may fall in. If you made any mistake don’t worry, you can always turn back and choose another subcategory until you find the right code for your product. We continue our example by assuming that the given textile fabric is cotton made; therefore, we go to chapter 52. Now, it is time to read the detailed description of HS codes to find the right HS code for your product. Note that you should find an 8-digit code that represents a specific kind of product. Keep in mind that imported commodities incur a 9% VAT, i.e., sales tax. Other charges depend on your particular products which you may want to consult us about it.

Yet, if you didn’t find your specific product through these sections, we are here to help you out. You can always rely on your IranPartner.

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