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Lack of sufficient knowledge of the Iranian real estate market makes immense confusion for those foreign businesses willing to establish a company in Iran. This crucial impediment causes the process of selecting the best location even harder for conducting business in Iran. Yet if they have already decided the city for their office, the chances are that they will face a myriad of questions for selecting the perfect place.

What are the main concerns before selecting a workplace?

  • Where are the majority of the businesses located in the city?
  • What are the prices and how much does it take to rent an office?
  • What is the rental procedure?
  • How should we secure utilities and internet for our office?
  • How to decorate and equip the office space for our new office?
  • How to finalize the contracts?
  • And how long does the whole process take to complete?

What is IranPartner’s Solution?

To solve the problems, IranPartner provides office setup service that covers A to Z of the process. Our Office Setup service ensures that your office will be located in the best business locations in the city, and you get the best prices. IranPartner assists with securing utility contracts and also ensures the decoration process concludes in the shortest possible time for you to start your business right away.

Additionally, throughout the process of preparing your new office, IranPartner provides temporary office space at its location, so that your staff can proceed with their duties until you relocate to your office.

You are just a click away from easing your office set up in Iran. Click on the button below to inquire about our Office Setup service.

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IranPartner Office Setup
IranPartner Office Setup
IranPartner Office Setup
IranPartner Office Setup
IranPartner Office Setup