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Incorporating Your Business

When should you register your company in Iran?

The Company Registration Organization permits the registration of up to 100% foreign-owned businesses in mainland Iran without the need for presenting a foreign investment license or a local shareholder.

IranPartner can provide consultancy for all stages and legal procedures related to your company formation in addition to the physical office setup if your requirements fall in one of below categories:

1. The results of your market research show that your products or services can be delivered and sold in the market directly without requiring an Iranian partner
2. You wish to own 100% of your company shares in addition to the ownership of all your stores, offices and distribution channels in Iran
3. Your business policies require direct market entry without intermediation
4. You need to have a bank account in Iran and require work and residence permits
5. You wish to participate in tenders
6. You are planning to invest in attractive Iranian markets
7. You wish to use the incentives allocated to foreign investors
8. You are interested in Iran’s free trade and industrial zones and the incentives they offer
9. You wish to use country’s highly qualified and cheap workforce
10. You need to provide your customers with after sales services

Should any of the above options be the case, IranPartner can provide you with the following services:

  • Consultancy for using our RepDesk services until your finalized company registry
  • Legal advice for and registration of any company in Iran
  • Consultancy for renting or buying a suitable office and related services
  • Staff Recruitment
  • Design, decoration and full physical office setup
  • Insurance and Tax consultancy services

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