Tehran International Exhibitions

Holding with more than 60 specialized exhibitions every year, Tehran International Exhibition is indeed one of the best opportunities for foreign companies to make familiar with the top producers, importers, their products, and services in Iran.

Over 50-year old fairground is located in the northern part of Tehran and is spread over an extensive area of 850,000 square meters that includes 120,000 square meters of indoor and 35000 square meters of outdoor exhibition field. The remaining part is allotted to greenway and access roads.

The following table is the Exhibition Calendar which introduces the title and dates of exhibitions in 2019.

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Iran Int’l Exhibition Calendar for 2019

No.Exhibition TitleDate
1International Pranchise Exhibition couferance Tehran Business show 20192-5 Jan
2The 12th Int’l Exhibition of goods, services & equipment stores and chain stores2-5 Jan
3The 4th Int’l Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies of Health, Safety, Environment Crisis Management, Firefighting & Rescue2-5 Jan
4The 16th Int’l Exhibition of Transportation & Urban Services2-5 Jan
5The 15th Int’l Exhibition of Advertising, Marketing & Related Industries2-5 Jan
6The 3th international exhibition of agricultural machinery, inputs and irrigation modern systems11-14 Jan
7The 8th Int’l Exhibition of Office Furniture11-14 Jan
8The 9th Int’l Exhibition of Architecture, Modern House & Interior Design11-14 Jan
9The 10th Doors & Windows Technology Int’l Exhibition23-26 Jan
10The 18th Int’l Exhibition Paint, Resin, Industrial Co23-26 Jan
11The 3rd International Exhibition of Tools & Machine Tools23-26 Jan
12The International Exhibition of Airport, Airplane, Flight, Industries & Related Equipment2-5 Feb
13The International Exhibition Of Logistics, Supply Chain & Distribution2-5 Feb
14The 17th Int’l Exhibition of Accessories, Machinery, Wood, Equipment & Related Industries2-5 Feb
15The 2nd International Exhibition of Hotel Equipment Services12-15 Feb
16The 12th Int’l Exhibition of Tourism & Related Industry12-15 Feb
17The 10th Int’l Exhibition of Bitumen, Asphalt, Insulation & Related Machineries12-15 Feb
18The 2nd international exhibition of glass and related equipment12-15 Feb
19The first exhibition of SMART CITY21-24 Mar
20The 18th Int’l Exhibition Of Environment & Renewable Energy21-24 Mar
21The 2nd International Exhibition OF Fuel Supplies & related industries21-24 Mar
22The 2nd International Power Generation & Turbomachinery Exhibition1-4 March
23The International Exhibition of Audio, Video, Light, Multimedia Services & Related1-4 March
24The 14th Robocup Iran Open 2018 (Competition & Symposium)4-9 April
25Iran Green Trade Fair11-13 April
26The 26th Int’l Exhibition of Detergents, Cleanser, Hygienic, Cellulose Products & Machinery21-24 April
27The 12th Int’l Exhibition Of Exchange, Bank, Insurance21-24 April
28The 4th Exhibition Of Dental Equipment21-24 April
29The 24th Intl Oil, Gas, Refining & Petrochemical Exhibition1-4 May
30The 22nd Int’l Exhibition of Medical, Laboratory Equipment, Pharmaceutical Products8-11 June
31The 7th Int’l Exhibition of Transportation and Rail Industries8-11 June
32The 26th Agricultural, Food & Related Industries Trade Fair18-21 June
33The 17th Int’l Exhibition Of Kitchen, Bath, Sauna & Pool Industries & Equipment29 June- 2 July
34Exhibition of Wood Working29 June- 2 July
35The 26th Int’l Tile, Ceramic & Sanitary Ware Exhibition29 June- 2 July
36The 18th Int’l Exhibition of exercise and sports equipment9-12 July
37The 11th Doors & Windows Technology Int’l Exhibition9-12 July
38The 25th Int’l Exhibition of Electronic, Computer & E–Commerce18-21 July
39The11th Int’l Exhibition of Stone, Mining, Machinery & Related Equipment18-21 July
40The 19th Int’l Exhibition Of Building & Construction Industry28-31 July
41The 28th Int’l Exhibition of Home Furniture (Hofex)7-10 August
42The 28th Persian Handmade Carpet Exhibition17-23 August
43The 30th National Exhibition of Handicrafts27 August – 2 Sep
44The 18th Int’l Exhibition of Poultry, Livestock and Related Industries30 August – 2 Sep
45The 11th Floor Covering, Moquette, Machine Made Carpet & Related Industries Exhibition30 August – 2 Sep
46The 10th Int’l Mother, Baby & Child Exhibition (MBC 2019)30 August – 2 Sep
47The 13th Int’l Flour & Bakery Industry Exhibition (Ibex 2019)11-14 Sep
48The 18th Iran Int’l Confectionery Fair11-14 Sep
49The 13th Int’l Exhibition of Iran Plast21-24 Sep
50The 20th Int’l Exhibition of Telecommunications, Information Technology & Solutions30 Sep – 3 Oct
51The 15th Iran Int’l Water & Wastewater Exhibition30 Sep – 3 Oct
52The 19th Tehran Int’l Industry Exhibition10-13 Oct
53The 18th Int’l Exhibition of Installation (Heating, Cooling, Ventilating, Air Conditioning & Refrigerating)21-24 Oct
54The 6th Int’l Exhibition of Bags, Shoes, leather & Related Industry21-24 Oct
55The 19th Iran Int’l Electricity Exhibition31 Oct – 3 Nov
56The 15th Int’l Exhibition of Mine, Mining, Construction Machinery & Related Industry & Equipment (Iran Conmin 2019)31 Oct – 3 Nov
57The 14th Auto Parts Int’l Exhibition9-12 Nov
58The 17th Int’l Exhibition of Transportation & Urban Services9-12 Nov
59The 19th Int’l Exhibition of Household Appliances19-22 Nov
60The 25th Int’l Exhibition of Textile Machinery, Raw Materials, Home Textile, Embroidery Machines & Textile Products & Apparel29 Nov – 2 Dec
61The 16th Int’l Exhibition of Metallurgy29 Nov – 2 Dec
62The 19th Int’l Exhibition Paint, Resin, Industrial Coatings & Composites8-11 Dec
63The 26th Int’l Exhibition of Printing, Packing & Related Machinery8-11 Dec
64The 6th National Laboratory Equipment & Chemicals Exhibition17-20 Dec
65The 20th Exhibition of Research and Technological Achievements17-20 Dec
66The 5th Int’l Exhibition Of Hospital Building, Infrastructure, Installation Equipment & Related Industries17-20 Dec
67The 4th international exhibition of agricultural machinery, inputs, and irrigation modern systems26-29 Dec
68The 2nd international exhibition of crystal, machinery equipment, and related industries26-29 Dec
69The 13th Int’l Exhibition of goods, services & equipment stores and chain stores26-29 Dec
70The 16th Int’l Exhibition of Advertising, Marketing & Related Industries26-29 Dec