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Livestock, Poultry, and Fisheries


Because of its huge population, Iran has a big livestock, poultry, and fisheries industry with the subsidiary big animal food and health industry. However, this market has an undeniable dependency to overseas countries for supplying both products and ingredients in animal food and health section. The country also imports considerable amount of foreign meat to quench the inflated domestic demand.


To describe how big is the market, Let’s have a look at the share of animal protein in Iranian’s food basket. Data show that since 1996 Iranians have spent about 45% of their food-expenses on meat. Figures also explain that fish and sea proteins have always been consumed less than the two other sources of meat but as a result of national plans for enriching Iranian nutrition, the share of this nutritious source of protein has been increased to 12% in 2015.


Livestock, poultry, and fisheries industry is very important and critical industry not only because it is connected to the population health but because its products are big part of Iranian’s food basket.


The growing population and need for more food to feed them drives the market forward in terms of increase in the number of animals that are responsible for feeding these people. These growing number of animals, would need healthy food and health products to produce nutritious and healthy food for people. Therefore, animal food and health has become an important industry within the main industry.


Yearly, over 19 million tons of animal food are consumed in the country among which only 8 million are produced by animal food producers. The remaining 11 million are produced by unauthorized sources and mostly are not as good and nutritious as they must be. Two critical ingredients of animal food in Iran are Corn and Oil Cake which are supplied from foreign suppliers. These two as well as some other animal food ingredients costs yearly near $ 3 billion for Iran to pay. The country also pays about $ 670 million for imported veterinary medicines, health products, and also needed ingredients for domestic production of these products.

In summary, Iran’s livestock, poultry, and fisheries industry as well as the subsidiary animal health industry are growing and developing industries but still very dependent to the foreign origins for filling the gap between the vast demand and limited domestic supply. This dependency is mostly in industrial and modern breeding systems, animal food ingredients, and animal health products/ingredients.

Therefore, the market would welcome any supplier who is interested in participating in this huge and interesting market in terms of products and/or ingredients.

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