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With near 80 million populations and a share of 15% in the home appliances market, Iran is the largest market in the middle east. The total value of the market was estimated to be over $ 16 bn in 2016 and is predicted to get to $ 20 bn in 2020 with a CAGR of 4%.


Since the middle-class part of the population form the major part of it, consumers prefer less expensive products. But quality, durability, and after sale services are other important factors affecting the purchasing process. That is why in recent years and after sanctions removal many globally recognized home appliance manufacturers started producing their products within the country so that the price become affordable to pay by the end-user. By doing so, the foreign brands’ share of the market increased and surpassed the national brands’.


Therefore, the market is full of international brands but as they are produced in the country the share of domestic production which includes those foreign brands manufactured within the country, is reported to be higher than directly imported products.


The contraband section is also very active in this market. It is estimated that illegally imported parts and components for home appliances in 2016 worth near $ 4 bn. Because the foreign manufacturers except for 27 companies that have officially registered agents in Iran, can’t offer after sale services for their products.


In summary, the market has a deficiency in high-quality but in reasonable price, products with supportive after sale services. Air conditioners and vacuum cleaners with biggest shares in their groups are of the highest priority. Then the market would embrace any supplier who is interested in having a share in this attractive market by products, spare parts, and excellent after-sale services.

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  6. Future Projection
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This report gives you a general overview of the industry and the list of top producers and distributors in the market. It provides a deep understanding the significant market shortages and the best opportunities in this industry. Besides, the report will inform you about the key influencers in the market, current trends, and future outlook.

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