Zee Platform Intro


IranPartner is happy to announce that our new innovative IT masterminds are ready to assist you with yet another comprehensive and turn-key solution: ZeePlatform.

ZeePlatform is your brilliant solution to a precise Branding, Web and App Development, as well as, effectively addressing your Social Media communications.

Our unique services are designed based on your enormous requests and demands for conquering the virtual business world.

We believe most ideas have great potential to change the world as it is, given the right platform. Ideas need to be supported and directed towards success; that is exactly what we do at Zee. With an impeccable brand asset to form the brand’s identity, a dashing website to make the perfect first impression, various engines help to develop the ideal app, and last but not least, utilize our years of experience in business planning to ensure your strategic entry into the global market.

Zee initiated with a single vision, to help both small and large enterprises with their strategic entry into the global market by providing customized BUSINESS PLATFORMS. We assist you with entering the hotspots of your market of choice and support your platform toward a success story that remains rock-solid through years to come.

At Zee, we deliver exceptional insight and advice based on the highest and most relevant standards of consulting practices, using our more than 15 years of experience in the field. Our solutions are perceptively designed in a manner to serve your every requirement to start, promote, and develop your business. These practices are categorized as follow:

IT Solutions: designing, developing and maintaining your website, social networking, and application

Design Solutions: introducing your business, using practical and systematic methods of branding

Business Solutions: designing and employing the best market entry strategy for your business in the new market

Zee’s perfect blend of proprietary platforms and expertise will help you maximize your business potential in the global market. You are free to take advantage of our “Real Touch” and break down entry barriers into the market. We ensure that you avoid making the wrong deals and provide you with the Dos and Don’ts of doing business.

Appoint us as your business platform provider and leave your worries to Zee! Learn more about Zee by visiting our newly launched website: