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Recycling Industry


Iranians produce 20 million Ton of waste every day, three times more than the global standard. While this measure indicates the high degree of wasting natural resources in the country, in the absence of a standard and efficient recycling industry, it also displays a profitable market to get involved in.


The main reason for this huge amount of wasted resources is the lack of a standard source separation system or plan. In fact, the majority of people are not used to separate recyclable materials from disposable ones in their home.


In the supply side though, most recycling systems in the country are allocated to paper and plastic. However, even for these two Iran is still dependent on foreign countries for raw materials, machinery, and new technologies.


The industry also is using old method both in recycling and disposal processes. While burning waste is used more and more these days as a method for generating energy and power, Iran only has one factory in this regard.


We made it clear that deficiencies in the market are raw materials needed for recycling process, machinery, modern recycling technologies, and innovative plans and systems for encouraging people to do the source separation. Then those suppliers who can provide these items would be very welcome.

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This report gives you a general overview of the industry and the list of top producers and distributors in the market. It provides a deep understanding the significant market shortages and the best opportunities in this industry. Besides, the report will inform you about the key influencers in the market, current trends, and future outlook.

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