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Medical and Dental Equipment


With over $ 2 bn turnover market, medical and dental equipment market is divided unevenly between domestic and foreign suppliers. In other words, more than half of the market which includes high-tech and expensive equipment is supplied by imported equipment from overseas.


While the growing population is demanding for advanced and high-quality health services, the country has to equip current health centers with advanced equipment and even expense money on furnishing newly built health centers.


Due to lack of technology and limited budget, high-tech and expensive medical and dental equipment are needed to be imported from overseas. In fact, it is not economical to produce these kinds of products within the country.


The deficiency in the market has increased in recent years as a result of decreased production. Local manufacturers blame worn out production lines, lack of liquidity, and lack of raw materials for producing only with 30% of the installed capacity.


This market, with a decreasing supply side and an increasing demand side, is tempting enough to attract every foreign supplier of medical and dental equipment, and also those who can provide the market with spare parts and raw materials.

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