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Industrial & Construction Machinery


Despite being rich in raw materials needed for construction section, Iran has a serious deficiency in construction technology and processing industry.


For example, Iran ranks 4th in the world for its stone mines, but it spent more than $ 13 m on imported stones in 2016 mainly from India, China, and Italy, mostly because stone processing industry in Iran is old dated and inefficient.


Regardless of this leakages in the construction section, more than 220,000 building permits are issued in the market where the turnover is estimated to be about $ 27 bn. Among three general types of these permits, residential permits have the highest share in the market.


Foreign trade data reveals that China has had the largest share in the market. One main reason for this is their low and competitive price. However, the low quality of these Chinese products as well as lacking modern construction technology has increased the vulnerability of buildings and structures in Iran, one of the most vulnerable countries in the world.


Iran is among the most earthquake-prone regions of the world, and according to official data during the past 30 years, earthquake have been responsible for the majority of the losses in the country. So, it is of highly importance for the country to improve its construction technology by utilizing high-tech systems and methods as well as high-quality constructing materials. Then, the market is ready to welcome any supplier in these fields, especially those who provide their products at competitive prices.

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  5. SWOT Analysis (strengthens, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)
  6. Future Projection
  7. Conclusion

This report gives you a general overview of the industry and the list of top producers and distributors in the market. It provides a deep understanding the significant market shortages and the best opportunities in this industry. Besides, the report will inform you about the key influencers in the market, current trends, and future outlook.

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