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Glass & Glassware


With an annual production of 1.6 million ton of flat glass and 800,000 ton of glassware, Iran has 4% of the global market. However, the country still needs to import some glass and glass-made articles to balance the market.


Apart from balancing the market, these articles are imported to answer the increasing demand for new design glass containers, especially in the kitchen section.


The fact is that although Iran exports about 40% of domestically produced glass and glass articles to neighbor countries every year and earns millions of dollars, near 50-60% of the local market is filled with imported glassware.


Though the local mines provide almost all the required raw materials, the production process still utilizes old and worn-out machinery and production technology which has led to uncompetitive prices and old-dated fashion designs satisfy only a diminishing share of local consumers.


Regardless of accessibility to raw materials and all other capabilities, glass industry in Iran has an intense need for renovating machinery and production line as well as utilizing the modern technology of production to ease the changing of patterns and shapes according to the market changes.

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