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Food Industry Machinery


Hundreds of millions of machinery for different sectors of the food industry are imported every year, yet the industry suffers from old dated, worn out, and inefficient machinery in more than 65% of the industry.


As a result, the industry has had to compensate the inefficiency of old machines with hiring more labor force. In fact, the food industry is one of the most labor-intensive sectors of the whole industry in Iran, which has led to both an increase in prices and a decrease in competitiveness of Iranian products.


That is when Iran produces more than 100,000 tons of agricultural products annually. Yet, with an incapable food industry, the country cannot earn as much value added, as it should be from the cultivated products.


Although, nature has given the country the ability to produce a variety of products, lacking mechanization in the food industry makes the country to import many processed foodstuffs as raw materials for producing other products.


Anyway, the massive shortage of modern machinery and technology in the food industry in Iran is clear and encouraging enough for the providers of these items who seek for attractive and new markets like this.

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If you need more information in this industry we can provide you with a report including the following sections:

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  2. Market Highlights
  3. Market Influencers (including market drivers and trends)
  4. Supply Chain (company profile and product portfolio of key players)
  5. SWOT Analysis (strengthens, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)
  6. Future Projection
  7. Conclusion

This report gives you a general overview of the industry and the list of top producers and distributors in the market. It provides a deep understanding the significant market shortages and the best opportunities in this industry. Besides, the report will inform you about the key influencers in the market, current trends, and future outlook.

ReportFood Industry Machinery
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If you only need the contact details of Iranian companies active in your industry, you can purchase our industry-specific directory. The directory includes:

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This list enables you to directly get in touch with potential Iranian buyers/partners and kick-start your negotiations in Iran. Before we send the directory to you, we contact these companies and check the contact information of every single company on the directory and make sure we provide fresh and accurate data to you.

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However, if you need more specific insights about your market or looking for information about particular products, you may ask us to prepare a tailored research just for your product. If that is the case, just click here.