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Cosmetics and Personal Care Products


Increasing trend for applying cosmetics by Iranian women has made Iran one of the biggest markets in the world. With its high number of youth women, the country holds 30% of the market in the region (MENA).


The age for starting to use cosmetic products has been decreased to 14 year-olds as a result of increasing interest for using these products among Iranian girls and women. In fact, Iranian women expense about 30% of their disposable income on cosmetics.


To provide this highly increasing number of demanders, however, the country has shared the market with foreign suppliers. The foreign part includes both officially and unofficially imported products. The contraband part has the biggest share of the market mainly because of their lower price.


Since domestically made products mostly include lotions, it is no wonder that Iranian producers have only 30% of the market. But because of the high quality of these skin products, foreign suppliers had to shift other gaps in the market mostly by hair, nail, eye, and lip cosmetics.


Illegally imported cosmetics which include 60% of the market are consumed despite public warnings about their being unhealthy. The main reason for this is their low prices which are affordable to be paid by middle-income demanders as the major part of the market. This trend will continue until the officially imported cosmetics are too expensive and domestic producers do not produce the highly demanded products, including lips, eye, and hair.

In fact, the market really lacks high-quality products in reasonable and rather low price to be affordable to pay by middle-income group of demanders which form the majority of the market. So, the big cosmetic market in Iran would welcome any supplier who is interested in participating in this huge and interesting market mostly in eye, lips, skin, and hair groups.

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