While running a business aiming to facilitate the international trade, the importance of an effective virtual presence through web is of high priority. Following IranPartner’s development and expansion of business we decided to implement new design in terms of website as well as branding. Throughout the whole procedure we put our client’s ease of interaction on the top of our main targets and eventually came up with IranPartner’s brand new responsive and user-friendly website.

This project would not have been accomplished without the advice, support and assistance of many people. Firstly, I would like to thank Mr. Parsa Sadr for introducing the initial concept behind IranPartner’s intention of redesign.

Great thanks go to Mr. Nami Sanati for his creative and genuine ideas towards a more user-friendly and conceptual design, in line with the company’s work-frames and criteria. His meticulous attention to details is the main reason why the present website is welcoming and pleasing to the eye.

Special thanks to Mr. Sina Akbari Mistani for his tremendous technical support in terms of coding, implementation and launching the website.

I would also like to acknowledge our team members of their efforts in delivering high quality services to IranPartner clients. Many thanks to Ms. Thoureh Eftekhar Zadeh for her comprehensive original market studies and overviews.

I would like to thank Mr. Sina Mistani for delivering Corporation Services including Company Registration, Office Setup, Recruitment, Work Permit and Residence Advisory, as well as Legal, TAX and SSO Advisory.

Great thanks to Ms. Delara Shahriari and Ms. Niloofar Taheri handling IranPartner’s SME Services, namely our Business Visit Services, Match-Making and International Business Delegation Managements.

Last but not least, special thanks go to Mr. Saeed Nouri for managing the financial and administrative tasks of the company.

With our group of specialists, we are glad to continue delivering our high quality services stronger than ever to those companies willing to take advantages of Iran’s new opportunities.