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JV, M&A Advisory

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Joint Venture Advisory

Joint Ventures are a common form of partnership in Iran since they allow the foreign company to tap into the infrastructure of a local player and share the risks of the new venture. Finding the right partner, negotiating terms of the partnership, and closing the deal not also require a knowledge of the industry’s competitive landscape, but also, demand to base the decision on reliable information about the local partner’s business.

We assist foreign companies throughout the process by:

  • Conducting a full industry screening to identify potential partners;
  • Filtering the partners by their capabilities to match the client’s business strategies;
  • Assisting the client with the assessment of candidates on the short list;
  • Providing support during the negotiations and closing.

M&A Advisory

In some industries, purchasing a local player is a quick way of acquiring the credit needed for doing business with the large project owners. In these cases, it is crucial for the foreign company to find reliable targets with adequate capabilities to boost their credibility with the project owners.

We provide M&A services to our clients from the initial screening phase until the closure of the deal. The services ensure a smooth transaction with the highest success rate and minimal risks.

The M&A services rendered by IranPartner include:

  • Identification of the potential targets;
  • Business Valuation;
  • Assistance with negotiations and other deal-related agreements;
  • Assistance with due diligence;
  • Resolving issues throughout the process.

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