As a senior member of IranPartner team, I would like to share from my own point of view the story of IranPartner, during the two years of my career in this company.

IranPartner officially started its activity from inside Iran’s market in 2015 as an international business development company. Knowing the fact that Iran, as an unknown market to so many businesses around the world, needs to have more trustworthy consultancy and service oriented firms to attract international businesses, the main goal was to fill the gap and pioneer the international business development in Iran.

Being a new business and as a private company, which was not supported by any governmental organizations, IranPartner faced many difficulties on its path to success. One of the main obstacles was the lack of clients’ sense of trust to a private company willing to offer the same services, which were usually provided by governmental establishments such as chambers of commerce and commercial departments of the embassies in Iran. However, since IranPartner’s main activity was to find suitable strategies and turnkey solutions to boost any business, the team with the attitude of “no pain, no gain” managed to gradually solve this problem and take a step forward.

IranPartner started advertising, ran its own website and designed a specific theme and a logo that represented Iran and its culture. Presenting lucid explanations about the nature of activities and segmenting the types of services in the website also lead to attracting more and more international customers.

Iran Partner Old Website
IranPartner’s Old Website

IranPartner delivered quality services to its initial clients, making them come back for other services and as a result bringing great success to the company, which was now better known to many international firms as a unique consultancy service providing company and recommended by them to others as well. The next step was to select representatives around the world, in order to expand the business. IranPartner chose business partners in many countries all over the world; through cooperation with them the platform was ready and it was possible to take another step to a higher level.

As the number of clients and diversity of inquiries increased, IranPartner decided to expand its scope of work by offering more services and changed the number of services from 3 to 6 main categories of Market research, B2B match making or business visit services, Event management services, RepDesk /RepDesk Plus service, Office setup and legal consultancy. In 2016 these systematic changes resulted in the 5x growth compared to 2015.

Now, in 2017, as we have reached our forecasted goals for the third year of our company activities, we (IranPartner) decided to move farther and for this reason we have gathered more experts in our team and are proud to present our new company theme and logo with a more dynamic concept as well as updated website. We have also added more services to our company activities, in order to make sure that we can cover all the needs and requirements of our valuable clients.

IranPartner will continuously move towards excellence by providing unmatched quality services to its precious customers and for that, it is willing to change for better each and every day.