Investment Priorities in Iranian Industry: 2017-2018

Iranian Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade (MIMT) releases a list of investment priorities every year to both encourage investors by the facilities are given in these fields and financing the development process of under-developed sections in the industry according to the development plans.

The following list is the latest released report in 2017, which covers about 50 projects. By clicking on each item, you will be able to view and download the summarized results of the pre-feasibility studies done on the thirteen major fields of the investment priorities. (Source:

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Automotive and Driving Force
1- Electric Car
2- Hybrid Car
3- 3 Cylindrical & Low Consumption Engine
4- Vehicle Production
5- Automatic Gearbox
6- Construction of Marine Vessels
7- Motorcycle Engine

Non-Metallic Minerals
8- Ceramic Fiber
9- Glass Fiber
10- Basalt Fiber
11- Concentrated coal

12- High Purity Ethylene Oxide Production (HPEO) and downstream products
13- Production of Polypropylene from Natural Gas(GTTP),Propylene, Polypropylene, Gasoline, LPG 
14- Hydrated Lime
15- Polypropylene from Propane)Propane Dehydrogenation Process (PDH))

Chemicals and Polymer
16- Oxo Alcohols (2-Ethylhexanol, Normal Butanol, Isobutanol)
17- All Steel Tires (Bus, Truck), Steel Belted Tires (Passenger)
18- Methyl Methacrylate, Poly Methyl Methacrylate
19- Acrylat Chain (Propylen, Acrylonitrile, Acrylic Acid, Acrylic Esters, Propylene Glycol
20- Polyacetals (Polyoxymethylene)(POM)
21- Cyclohexane, Caprolactam, Adipic Acid, Ammonium Sulfate

Metals and Metallic Goods
22- Seamless Pipe from Stainless Steel
23- Exploitation and Extraction of Titanium Mines and Processing to Titanium Dioxide Pigments
24- Production of Alumina from Nepheline Syenite
25- Aluminum Ingot
26- Gold Ingot & Gold  Concentrate
27- Copper Cathode
28- Ferro Manganese, Ferro Silico Manganese  
29- Aluminum Foil (less than 9 micron)
30- Steel Cord
31- Silicon Metal, Polysilicon
32- Stainless Steel Ingot

33- Pulp Paper, Printing & Writing Paper
34- Duplex board
35- Paper from agricultural waste or paper waste

Exploration and Exploitation of Mines
36- Coal Exploration, Exploitation and Processing

Medical Equipment
37- Vacuum blood collection tube
38- Medical bottles and colored glass bottles
39- Coronary Stent
40- Dental Implants

Food and Drug
41- Herbal essential oil
42- Food and Pharmaceutical Beta-carotene Grade, Beta-Carotene Nutritional Supplements (softgels)15mg

Electricity and Electronic Devices
43- Solar Cells From Wafer Production

Household Appliances
44- Inverter Air Conditioner

Textile and Clothing
45- Spinning, Weaving, Dying, Printing & Finishing of Cottons Fabric System Textile
46- polyester staple fibers(cottons type)
47- Black Chador / Veil Garment
48- Technical Textiles(Agrotech,Buildtech,Clothtech,GeoTextile,Geotech,HometecConveyor BeltsIndutech,Medtech)

Machinery and equipment
49- Servo press up to 300Tonss
50- Multi-tasking CNC , CNC Laser processing Machines