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Due Diligence

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Check Your Partner’s Background

Before you partner up with a local company, you need to examine the company’s background, its ties with the government and key persons in Iran, and the credibility of their operations. However, lack of open-source databases, language restrictions, and specialized services add to the complexity of such investigations.

We assist companies with their appraisal of the Iranian businesses by researching the background of the company, its shareholders, its customers, its vendors, and its track record in the industry. We also screen international watchlists to check for the involvement of the company or its stakeholders in internationally illegal activities or being listed as sanctioned entities.

Our due diligence service includes:

  • Examining the entity’s registration details, directors, and shareholders. We inspect the ultimate shareholders using the information we pull from the Iranian corporate registry.
  • Identifying potential red flags related to the entity and its stakeholders, including involvement in illegal activities, being listed on the sanction lists, affiliation to sanctioned entities and persons, bribery and corruption, fraud, tax violations, and participation in money-laundry. We pull the information from a combination of local and international databases and sources in our domestic and foreign network.
  • Revealing political exposure including affiliations with state-owned organizations and administrators and leveraging government support for gaining an unfair competitive advantage.
  • Assessing the company and its principal’s reputation using commentary from our trusted network and searches on the internet, public media, social networks, and proprietary databases.

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