One of the main concerns in Business Development is to find an effective platform to promote your company. Reaching global markets requires using export leverage strategies. You need to carefully monitor the needs and demands of different customers in different countries. Hence, your active presence in various markets around the world is of high importance. Business Delegations and Exhibitions are two of the most important platforms for introducing your company globally.

Exhibitions act as a center for exchanging knowledge and technology. Through this platform, you can also gain useful information for your business. In a general definition, we can describe exhibitions as a live and active advertising platform. This is because you can find manufacturers, distributors, customers and end-users all in one place. Consequently, at the same time, you can promote your business and get to know your client’s demands.

Nowadays, many marketing experts believe that participating in Exhibitions is one of the critical methods of marketing. They provided reasons to prove that direct return of participating in Exhibitions is several times higher than the costs involved. Moreover, the outcome is much more impressive than other promotional methods. This is a result of four factors affecting the nature of such events: Advertisement, Direct Sales, Promotion of Sales and Public Relations. Furthermore, Researches indicate that the connection established during the exhibitions can last up to two years.

At Present, the nature of exhibition has moved from its traditional form toward a modern concept. Companies are more emphasizing on the educational, promotional and informative aspects of Exhibitions and Business Delegations. Further, we will explore the history, concept, types and advantages of Exhibitions and trade missions.

A review on the evolution of Exhibitions

Today’s Exhibition has undergone great changes compared to the traditional market and bazaar. Back in time, bazaar was the primary source for sales, acquisition of service and information. This is while the old-time exhibitions were limited and simple. As the local markets evolved, regional exhibitions started to emerge, which later led to the formation of International Exhibitions. With the growth of production as well as the need to find new markets, Exhibitions gain more and more popularity. On the other hand, due to the development of technology and freight industry, international trade increased more than ever. Therefore, the companies around the world were looking for a cost-efficient way to promote their products and services in overseas markets. Consequently, people paid more attention to international Expos.

History and Evolution of International Exhibitions in Iran

For several years, a general commercial exhibition was annually being held in Tehran, called Tehran International Exhibition. Companies from different countries were participating in this event. During this period, Tehran was the only organizer of International Expos in Iran. However, due to the problems such as traffic jam, logistics, overcrowding of the hall and lack of enough space, execution of this event stopped in Tehran.

On the other hand, to increase the economic growth and to promote the capabilities of other provinces, the government decided to hold general international events in other cities. This is why other cities like Tabriz, Mashhad, Isfahan, Shiraz, and Kish yearly have several national and international exhibitions. These expos are getting more popular each year, and higher number domestic and foreign companies are participating year by year.

Since 2000, realizing the importance of specialized exhibitions, Iran decided to move from general commercial expos to specialized and categorized fairs, both on a national and international level.

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Three Main Types of Exhibitions in Iran

Below we will explain about the types of exhibitions based on their scope of activities:

  • General Exhibitions: This kind of expos are being held yearly or every other few years. The general idea is to demonstrate the skills and capabilities of a region or a country in various industries at the same time.
  • Specialized Exhibitions: This form of exhibits targets a specific group or industries. The participants try to show their latest technologies and developments. The specialized expos are the best platforms to find market information.
  • Exclusive Exhibitions: If a country wants to show its capabilities in another country, they will hold an exclusive expo. This type of exhibition is very useful in boosting exports and introducing areas of expertise to other nations. The participants can attend such exhibitions in a form of business delegations. Usually, chambers of commerce support such events around the world and these events are a very cost efficient marketing channel.

Main Goals and Advantages of Participating in an Exhibition

  • Increasing sales and market share
  • introducing new products
  • gaining credit and reputation
  • obtaining great deals (pre-sales)
  • Establishing connections with end-user and customers
  • Creating positive perception and image for the brand as well as the company
  • finding suppliers, contractor, and partners

Exclusive Exhibitions: Business Delegations

Indeed, exhibition is the most efficient way of increasing exports. This requires taking the exhibition as an instrument rather than a goal. When talking about overseas developments, the most convenient option that comes to mind is participating in Business Delegations and Trade Missions.

Recently, such exclusive delegations are gaining more and more attention in Iran. This is due to the fact that chambers of commerce, syndicates and trade unions are widely supporting these events around the world. Participating in trade delegations is very convenient for SMEs, as most of the costs are being handled by the pre-mentioned organizations.

In addition to B2B meetings, which is the essential part of such projects, exclusive exhibitions might as well include seminars and roundtables. One of the main advantages of these trade missions is that the visitors are all coming from the related field of industry. Therefore, participants can make the best out of their time during the event and have business negotiations with their potential partners.

It is also necessary for the participants to do some research about the target country prior to their trip. They need to have a clear image of the regional economics, import and export, customs clearance, legal issues, etc. in order to act in a productive way. Commercial experts believe that, if properly organized, Exclusive Business Delegations are one of the most effective platforms for Business Development. Hence, It is also critical to choose a right event management partner for execution of a successful delegation project; A company that has vast market knowledge and experience as well as reliable database.


International business requires you to constantly look for effective and practical promotional channels. For many years exhibitions and business delegations served a significant number of companies around the world to reach out for new opportunities. Understanding the importance of such events in today’s business atmosphere helps us better benefit from these promotional instruments. It is time to include Exhibitions and Trade Mission on our top selected marketing schemes.