About Delara Shahriari

Delara is IranPartner's Project Manager. She has a broad experience in assisting foreign companies across a wide range of industries to find and create successful partnerships with Iranian businesses.

A few points to be a successful negotiator during business meetings

As a common daily activity, we are all engaged in negotiations with so many people almost every day. People negotiate with others to influence them and to achieve their goals in their personal lives or in their social activities. This is an important ability by means of which we receive support from others and [...]

2017-11-16T11:22:34+04:30November 14th, 2017|Business in Iran|

China Trade Week 2017

Last week, Iran hosted the Second China Trade Week (CTW) from 19th to 22nd Sep 2017. The event was held as an exclusive exhibition for Chinese businesses through which around 200 Chinese companies from a wide range of industries including Agriculture, Auto Parts, Building Construction, Chemicals, Energy Sector, food & beverage, textile, IT, Home [...]

2017-11-15T14:34:43+04:30September 25th, 2017|Events, IranPartner|

IranPartner in Change: Past, Present, Future

As a senior member of IranPartner team, I would like to share from my own point of view the story of IranPartner, during the two years of my career in this company. IranPartner officially started its activity from inside Iran’s market in 2015 as an international business development company. Knowing the fact that Iran, [...]

2017-10-09T12:39:01+04:30August 30th, 2017|IranPartner|