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Iran, The Oldest Civilization

Iran the oldest civilization

The ancient “Susiana Civilization" was among the first civilizations to emerge over 8000 years ago in the Southwest of Iran. Susians were one of the local Iranian races before the coming of Aryans into Persia. The first Iranian dynasty was formed during the Elamite kingdom 2800 B.C. The Iranian Medes unified Iran into an empire in 625 B.C. They were succeeded by the Iranian Achaemenid Empire, the Hellenic Seleucid Empire and two subsequent Iranian empires, the Parthians and the Sassanids before the Muslim conquest in 651 A.D.


Persian have made very important contributions to the world civilization. The Declaration of Human Rights written by Cyrus the Great has been hailed as the first charter of human rights, predating the Magna Carta by nearly two millenniums and in 1971 the United Nations was published translation of it in all the official U.N. languages.

It is now kept in the British Museum and it is no exaggeration to say that it is one of the most precious historical records of the world. Darius the Great established the First Tax System, Customs Duties, Official Records and The Legal Code in the world level. 

Reflecting the wealth and the multi-cultural dimension of the Persian Empire, Darius initiated the building of the Persepolis palace. He also revolutionized mankind’s economic activities by introducing one of the earliest forms of common coinage in history, “The Daric”. This initiative, along with the standardization of weights and measures and the codification of commercial laws, stimulated world trade and elevated the Persian Empire’s economy to new levels of prosperity.