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Iran has an easy, but impenetrable market. On the one hand due to great wealth and large population it is possible to export almost all kinds of products to the country but on the other hand, it is difficult to enter the market itself because of Iran’s different trade culture and lack of access to the network of big Iranian importers. IranPartner is the first non-governmental group that together with its local connections, highly skilled and educated managers and staff, can provide trade services to the companies that are willing to enter the Iranian market. Our low-cost and non-interventional services will assist you at your arrival and entry in the market of Iran.


We help small and medium enterprises enter Iranian market and promote their trade by offering unique services such as management consultancy, providing information about Iran's import and export rules, in-depth and industry specific market analysis and legal advice.

IranPartner was founded in 2012 and belongs to Standard World Company in Dubai which utilises U.A.E commercial advantages as a trade and financial hub in the region. Through its local connections in Iran and commercial advantages of U.A.E, IranPartner provides its clients the following services. It should be noted that due to Iran’s current inaccessibility to international banking activities, all money transfers are made via the Standard World Company.


Arranging Your Visit to Iran Local Exhibitions

We arrange your visit to expertise exhibitions that are held inside Iran in which active Iranian companies and traders participate. During this short trip to Iran you will have the opportunity to be physically present in the market and in addition to studying the Iranian market more closely you will have the chance to get to know some of the participating Iranian companies in your field of work. All services needed during your stay in Iran such as visa application, airport and city transfer, hotel reservation and translator will be provided by us. Upon request, we will also schedule and arrange business meetings for you with relevant Iranian companies in your business field.


Presenting and Marketing Your Product in Iran

If you are not willing to be personally present in Iran but would like to market your products, we will do that for you free of charge! In this case, you will give us the permission to be the representative of your product in Iran for 18 months. During this time we will make the necessary contacts with real Iranian buyers and will market your products. If signing a contract with an Iranian company for selling the product is finalized, only a small fee for the marketing costs will be charged provided that you are satisfied with the result.


Buying Products from Iran

If you would be willing to buy high quality exportable products from Iran, we will introduce the high quality products to you without asking for any charges. In this case, all costs will be covered by the Iranian party.


Investment and Franchising

IranPartner has a strong legal team which will help you with investment, registering your company in Iran, or selling the franchise of your services in Iran.


Business Missions and International Fairs

At appropriate times, IranPartner holds business missions and fairs in Iran which many Iranian buyers attend. You will also be able to participate in these events and have your own stand. Your physical presence will be necessary for attending these events.


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