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16. 09. 11
Created: 11 September 2016

According to Food and Agricultural Organization, waste of food products in Iran stands at a staggering 35 million tons, most of which happens during the time of harvest and processing. Bread, fruit, vegetables and rice are the most wasted products.

This is while food waste in the 28 countries of the European union stands at 90 million, from which the majority happens at the later stages of the supply chain - retailing and consumption.

This vast amount of waste in a country with limited resources of water is very costly. According to National Center of Strategic Studies on Agriculture and Water, 9.3 billion cubic meters of water is lost producing the wasted food. The number shows a huge potential for investment an introducing new technology, taking into account that total water consumption in the agriculture sector is around 57 billion cubic meters according to Ministry of Agriculture, and industrial consumption is at around 7 billion cubic meters.

Thus the officials are very keen on reducing the waste by improving packaging, renewing processing facilities and also setting up facilities to process the wasted food for other applications.