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Iran International Fair ground is located in the northern part of Tehran and is spread over an extensive area of 850,000 square meters that includes 120,000 square meters of indoor and 35000 square meters of outdoor exhibition field. The remaining part is allotted to greenway and access roads. This fairground is over 50 years old and holds more than 60 specialized exhibitions every year in which most of the active Iranian companies, businesspeople and producers participate.


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 Iran Int’l Exhibition Calender (From Apr 2017-Untill Feb 2018)


No Exhibition Title Date
1 The 12th Robocup Iran Open 2015 (Competition & Symposium) 3-7 April
2 The 10th Int’l Exhibition Of Exchange, Bank, Insurance 15-18 April
3 Iran Green Trade Fair 21-23 April
4 The 3rd Int'l Exhibition of Iran Project 24-27 April
5 The 4th National Laboratory Equipment & Chemicals Exhibition 23-26 April
6 The 24th Int’l Exhibition of Detergents, Cleanser, Hygienic, Cellulose Products & Machinery 24-27 April
7 The 22nd Intl Oil, Gas, Refining & Petrochemical Exhibition 6-9 May
8 The 20th Int’l Exhibition of Medical, Dental, Laboratory Equipment, Pharmaceutical Products - Dental Congress 15-18 May
9 The 5th Int'l Exhibition of Rail Transportation, Related Industries & Equipment 15-18 May
10 The 4th Int'l Innovation Tech Exhibition 23-26 May
11 The 24th Agricultural, Food & Related Industries Trade Fair 23-26 May
12 The 15th Int’l Exhibition Of Kitchen, Bath, Sauna & Pool Industries & Equipment 30 June-3 July
13 The 24th Int’l Tile, Ceramic & Sanitary Ware Exhibition 30 June-3 July
14 The 6th international Exhibition of Elevators, Industrial & Related Equipment 10-13 July
15 The 9th Int’l Exhibition of Stone, Mining, Machinery & Related Equipment 10-13 July
16 The 23th Int’l Exhibition of Electronic, Computer & E – Commerce 21-24 July
17 The 26th Int'l Exhibition of Home Furniture(Hofex) 30 July - 2 Augest
18 The 17th Int’l Exhibition Of Building & Construction Industry 12-15 Augest
19 The 26th Persian Handmade Carpet Exhibition 23-29 Augest
20 The 9th Floor Covering, Moquette, Machine Made Carpet & Related Industries Exhibition 4-7 Sep
21 The 23th Int’l Exhibition of Textile Machinery, Raw Materials, Home Textile, Embroidery Machines & Textile Products 4-7 Sep
22 The 16th Iran Int’l Confectionery Fair 15-18 Sep
23 The 8th Int’l Exhibition Of Dairy, Beverage, Tea, Coffee & Related Industries 15-18 Sep
24 The 11th Int'l Exhibition of Iran Plast 24-27 Sep
25 The 17th Tehran Int’l Industry Exhibition & Nanotechnology 6-9 Oct
26 The 17th Int’l Exhibition Paint, Resin, Industrial Co 6-9 Oct
27 The 13th Iran Int’l Water & Wastewater Exhibition 16-19 Oct
28 The 18th Int’l Exhibition of Telecommunications, Information Technology & Solutions 16-19 Oct
29 The 16th Int’l Exhibition of Installation (Heating, Cooling, Ventilating, Air Conditioning & Refrigerating) 25-28 Oct
30 The 4th Int'l Exhibition of Bags, Shoes, leather & Related Industry 25-28 Oct
31 The 17th Iran Int’l Electricity Exhibition 4-7 Nov
32 The 13th Int’l Exhibition of Mine, Mining, Construction Machinery & Related Industry & Equipment (Iran Conmin 2017) 4-7 Nov
33 The 12th Auto Parts Int’l Exhibition 13-16 Nov
34 The 2nd International Exhibition of Halal protein products and related industries 13-16 Nov
35 The 17th Int’l Exhibition of Household Appliances 25-28 Nov
36 The 11th Int’l Flour & Bakery Industry Exhibition (Ibex 2017) 25-28 Nov
37 The 16th Int’l Exhibition of Poultry, Livestock, Dairy and Related Industries 4-7 Dec
38 The 14th Int’l Exhibition of Metallurgy 4-7 Dec
39 The 18th Exhibition of Research and Technological Achievements 15-18 Dec
40 The 24th Int’l Exhibition of Printing, Packing & Related Machinery 15-18 Dec
41 The 15th Int’l Exhibition of Transportation & Urban Services 24-27 Dec
42 The 14th Int’l Exhibition of Advertising, Marketing & Related Industries 5-8 Jan 2018
43 The 11th Int’l Exhibition of goods, services & equipment stores and chain stores 5-8 Jan 2018
44 The 8th Int'l Exhibition of Architecture, Modern House & Interior Design 13-16 Jan 2018
45 The 9th Doors & Windows Technology Int'l Exhibition 22-25 Jan 2018
46 The 11th Int'l Exhibition of Tourism & Related Industry 2-5 Feb 2018
47 The 16th Int'l Exhibition of Accessories & Furniture's Machineries, Equipment & Related Industries 12-15 Feb 2018
48 The 17th Int’l Exhibition Of Environment 24-27 Feb 2018
49 The 10th Int'l Exhibition of Renewable Energy Exhibition 24-27 Feb 2018